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comments on blog posts about third wave feminist writers.

comments on blog posts about third wave feminist writers.

Liars released a new album, Mess, this week and Urban Outfitters has put out a video directed by Luis Cervero to go along with it. It’s a green-screen loop that plays out different dystopian Sims-y scenarios. Totally bizarre, but weirdly wonderful.

every day i sit down to work on my thesis, and then festival and/or radio station stuff ends up taking 6 hours and i never get to it. 

i hope i graduate.

SUPPORT THE SUPPORT: All Tiny Creatures, Evan P. Donohue, Ski Lodge, & Ed Schrader's Music Beat



Can you imagine the strange place where the expansive arrangements of Volcano Choir collide with the electronic dance weirdness of Dan Deacon? Electro-pop experimentalists All Tiny Creatures (which includes 3 members of Volcano Choir, a collaboration with fellow Wisconsin-ite Justin…

This was incredibly fun to write and listen to. Definitely check out these bands! 

gunna miss the long lox

gunna miss the long lox

Bethany Mota: the teenage YouTube star of bubbleheaded consumerism

This is a thing that is apparently real and is so sad. 



i’ve heard this from a lot of people, that they get sick and lose weight and are complimented for it. it’s a real bummer. in my house, the most common compliment is probably “damn gurl, your titties lookin plump today!”. i’m cool with it.